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ViewEditor 2.x (free version)
(VFP 9/8/7/6)

This version of the ViewEditor is the award winning version Steve Sawyer developed several years ago and released into the Fox Community as a free tool for VFP developers to use to create views. The features supported by this version is a subset of the ViewEditor Professional we offer. Steve no longer maintains or supports this version, but we have it here for download so it continues to be available to the Fox Community. If you like the free version and are happy with it, great. If there are features you wished were included in the free version, check out the Professional version, which may include it already.

ViewEditor v2.5.27 (vieweditor2527.zip - 343KB)

(for VFP 7 and higher)

(Updated 23-May-2002)

ViewEditor v2.0.27 (vieweditor2027.zip - 306KB)

(for VFP 6 only)

(Updated 18-Oct-2001)

ViewEditor is a utility to allow easy maintenance of Visual FoxPro local and remote views. It is intended to address some of the limitations of the Visual FoxPro View Designer. The view designer is a good tool for learning how to create SQL – SELECT statements, but once one has become comfortable with writing SQL code, it is often just as easy to simply write out the SQL command. In addition, the VFP View Designer has some specific limitations:

  • The View Designer will sometimes store two or more tables for the “tables” property of the view, despite the fact that fields from only one view may be marked as updateable.
  • The View Designer will sometimes drop the database-and-exclamation-point qualification for the UpdateName property of view fields, causing fields marked as updatable to not properly update.
  • The View Designer constructs SQL code using the “nested” join syntax rather than the more intuitive and more flexible “sequential” join syntax, making it extremely difficult to correctly write complex queries, particularly those involving a single parent table joined with two or more child tables.
  • The View Designer provides direct access to only some of the properties that the developer may wish to set when creating views.

ViewEditor has been designed to overcome these limitations.

There are now two versions, 2.0 and 2.5. 2.0 is considered feature complete, and can be run under Visual FoxPro version 6. Version 2.5 has been compiled under VFP version 7, and has used some new features in VFP 7 to work around limitations in version 2.0.

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