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ViewEditor Professional - What's new in this version

White Light Computing is continuously improving our developer tools. Some releases are bigger than others, but each release is absolutely customer driven. We carefully review all the suggestions our customers send in.

See the Wish List topic in the Help file for enhancement requests currently logged and being considered for the next release. A full history of the changes to the product are also available in the Help file. The Help file is available on the Developer Tool Download page

Version 3.6 (December 2005)

  • SQL code window is now a normal program editor window when you are using a VFP Resource file (FoxUser), otherwise it uses the same editor window it has used since this tool was first released (always the same size when started). This allows you to retain the size and fonts you specify for the program editor.
  • You can specify Default SQL code when you first edit the SQL in the SQL program editor. This new code defaults to the null character string, but you can change the default code on the Configuration page.
  • The Validate SQL setting is saved between sessions instead of defaulting to "on" each time you start the ViewEditor.
  • The AllowSimultaneousFetch view property introduced in VFP 8 can be set on the View Properties page when running ViewEditor in VFP 8 or higher on remote views with shared connections.
  • The list of views and tables (when opening a view, or when copying columns to clipboard) are now ordered based on the collation sequence you select. This defaults to Machine because this is what the lists were previous to this release, but you can change the collation on the Configuration page.
  • The main ViewEditor window is now resizable when using VFP 9 or better.
  • Table and view selection dialog retains the position and size between ViewEditor sessions.
  • A WAIT WINDOW is displayed when saving a view. This message can be set so it is a NOWAIT to save the extra mouse click or keyboard stroke to get rid of the message. This setting is in the registry under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\WhiteLightComputingTools\ViewEditor\3.0\Options\lNoWaitSavedMessage.
  • Minor user interface tweaks.
  • Added more FAQs, macro expansion and view clauses topic, made some improvements on the DBC-Specific Options Help topic, and cleaned up numerous typos based on customer feedback.
  • New version of the Help file includes Favorites page (based on upgrade to West Wind HTML Help Builder 4.0).
Bug Fixes:
  • A data type mismatch error when loading and saving views without tables (i.e. SQL Server Stored Procedures Exec).
  • Left SET TALK ON under certain circumstances when closing ViewEditor.
  • The table names and view names in the table and view selection dialog were not being sorted correctly if you have views in the same DBC as the tables.
  • ViewEditor was not finding its Help file when started from a folder other than the folder where the executable resides.
  • The SQL Editor window definition was not removed from memory.
  • The Update Type and Where Type comboxes on View Properties page were true combos which defeated the purpose of making choices from a defined list of options.
  • Starting the ViewEditor with parameters and not including the DBC extension on the DBC parameter incorrectly triggered an ASSERT statement.
  • Mere Mortal Developers could not start the MM Main after running the ViewEditor.

Version 3.5 (July 2004)

  • First release by White Light Computing, removed all significant references of previous company from source code, registry, and Help file.
  • Added Format, InputMask, Display Class Library and Display Class properties to the Field Properties 2 page.
  • Format, InputMask, Display Class Library and Display Class properties included in the View Inheritance functionality.
  • View Selection dialog controls size as you size the dialog (previously the dialog was resizable, but controls did not change).
  • Added button to toolbar to display/edit the view script file.
  • Create the view script file if it doesn't already exist.
  • ViewEditor form location is persistance between sessions.
  • Added global option to select Hot Tracking toolbar buttons.
  • Added global option to select if Windows XP Themes are used (VFP 8 and higher).
  • The color picker dialog for the various color options can be initiated by clicking on the labels next to the color indicator.
  • Minor updates to toolbar icons.
  • Updated About Page to be compliant with rest of the White Light Computing Tools.
  • Updated Help file with new features, updated images, and frequently asked questions.
  • Registry entries moved from G2Tools node to WhiteLightComputingTools node.
  • Tested with public beta version of VFP 9 (Europa) and new data types.
  • Now respects developer's settings for dates and all other Regional Settings supported by SET SYSFORMATS ON.
  • ViewEditorPro.htm documentation is no longer supported. Definitive developer documentation is this Help file.
Bug Fixes:
  • Stop ViewEditor from starting as standalone executable (never supported).
  • Stop ViewEditor from starting inside VFP 6.0 and eariler (never supported).
  • View Inheritance was not correctly inheriting the Rule Expression, Rule Text, and Comment properties.
  • Copying code to View Script file that did not exist caused an error.
  • Global Options on Configuration page, under certain circumstances the color container would remain sunken after canceling the color picker dialog.
  • If you renamed the executable to anything but VE3.exe, the version number would not display on the form.

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