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HackCX Professional - What is new in this version?

White Light Computing is continuously improving our developer tools. Some releases are bigger than others, but each release is absolutely customer driven. We carefully review all the suggestions our customers send in.

See the Wish List topic in the Help file for enhancement requests currently logged and being considered for the next release. A full history of the changes to the product are also available in the Help file. The Help file is available on the Developer Tool Download page

Version 4.7 (August 2005)

  • Recompiled in VFP 9 so developers do not get bit by the "Error: (1999) 'Function is not implemented.' happened in frmhackmain.click() on line 8". This happened when redefining an object using run-time version of EXE because the AGETCLASS() was not available in VFP 8 run-times.
  • New version of the Help file includes Favorites page (based on upgrade to West Wind HTML Help Builder 4.0)

Bug Fixes:

  • Corrected problem where an object reference was hanging the form under certain circumstances. We corrected this by changing the array of references to be part of an object instead of the array property being direct on the _screen object.


Previous Versions

Version 4.6 SP1 (November 2004)

Bug Fixes:

  • Corrected problem where an object reference was hanging the form under certain circumstances.
  • Corrected problem when closing HackCX and reverting changes triggered a 'Function argument value, type, or count is invalid' error.

Version 4.6 (August 2004)

  • Member data is now available when you add a method (previously only "working" with properties).
  • Added option to turn off Display As Capitalization feature when adding a new property or method and using member data.
  • Added name of object to the top of the New Property and New Method dialogs.
  • Member data preferences are saved to the registry for properties and methods (separately).
  • Display the name of the property or method added in the WAIT WINDOW when the property or method is added, not just a message indicating it was added.
  • Updated icon for Help file (on toolbar and shortcut menu).
  • Updated Help file to reflect new features and updated the West Wind HTML Help templates.
Bug Fixes:
  • Adding a new property in VFP 9 with member data triggered a syntax error.
  • Previous versions allowed properties and methods to be added to objects which are contained in another class.
  • Fixed a problem where HackCX was not registering the location of the EXE in the registry.
  • We think we squashed a long-time bug for certain developers who observed SET TALK output on desktop when startng HackCX. This only occured under certain VFP circumstances and only to developers using SET STATUS BAR OFF.

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