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Software Testing

The key to a successful acceptance of your application by your customers is to make sure it meets the documented requirements. The only way to prove it meets the documented requirements is to test each piece to see if it conforms. A well known problem in the computing industry is developers are not the best people to test the code they create. Small development shops often do not have the resources to test code with a second developer and IT department resources are often stretched doing the development. Our software testing techniques give proven results and lead to less defects reported after deployment. We have deployed the often elusive bug-free releases more than once in the past.

We know from experience that all code has bugs (known or hidden), especially with the complexity of today's software. Good testing can reduce the number of defects and increase your product reliability and stability.

Rick Schummer has headed up testing teams and has tested applications developed by his team and other developers for nearly 20 years. He has tested software for software companies like Microsoft, Broderbund, Buttonware, Stonefield Systems Group, and F1 Technologies. He has helped out hundreds of individual developers around the world. Rick is passionate about testing and feels that it is the single biggest factor determining if deployment is successful or not. His testing abilities have led him to be in the top 25 bug finders in the last four major Visual FoxPro beta cycles completed.

Rick has authored Chapter 18, "Testing" in MegaFox: 1002 Things You Wanted To Know About Extending Visual FoxPro, available from Hentzenwerke Publishing.

Key Benefits

  • Extend your development team with a skilled tester so you and your team can continue assembling the solution.
  • Independent pair of eyes testing applications before they are deployed to your customers can prove the product stability or potentially save embarrassing errors.
  • Test plans can be written if one does not exist.
  • Test past the stated requirements.

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